Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tennis Doubles Ladder - my all-time high!

I play in the men's tennis ladder on Saturday mornings at San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club.  Since I didn't start playing the game until after my fiftieth birthday, my skills are never going to threaten Roger Federer.  And after two back surgeries, it's something of a miracle that I can play at all.  But I do OK, some aches and pains but no use complaining.

There are more than 110 players on this ladder.  Each week, my position changes depending upon how I perform on the assigned court.  Four weeks ago that ranking had moved up into the 50's for the first time ever.  Then on August 11th, thanks to a perfect storm of better-players' absences and half-decent play by me, I jumped nine rungs up to #49!

There is a noticeable advancement in the level of play as you climb the ladder.  For the last two weeks my Saturday play has been nervous and uneven.  Right now I'm happily guarding Rung #54.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Catholic Marriage Manual

Greatest Wedding Gift Ever
Our treasured copy of this two-LP classic is once again being shared among the young married couples in our family. There's a used copy available on Amazon today for $45 ... that means ours has gained 4500% in value since I bought it for 99¢ at Sam Goody forty years ago!

I wrote a "humorous" review of The Catholic Marriage Manual on Amazon.  No one has complained [yet], but I fully expect that a higher power is going to point some lightning at me one of these days.  You can read it below or by clicking this link:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gazpacho Recipe

Yesterday we entertained friends for "Gourmet Night".  Gloria designed the menu; each of four couples were required to prepare and bring one item.  Gloria made her famous Eggplant Parmesan.
I wasn't obligated to cook anything, but the warm weather inspired to create some "Gazpacho", which is a Mexican-style soup that's served chilled.

Everyone asked for my recipe.  Of course, there is no recipe ... it was a trial-and-guess thing.  But here I've typed out some instructions.  To the best of my recollection, this is how to make "UncleGeorge's Gazpacho".
(These measures are approximate and should be adjusted for individual taste.  Also note that depending upon the season, the flavor intensity of fresh ingredients will change.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I've found my "Special Purpose"

If it happened to Steve Martin, could it happen to me?

I've realized that I actually have an area of expertise which is under-served on the internets.  Amateurs like me need ideas for ways to transform their horrible vacation video into something their friends might enjoy.

For instance, it would be inhumane to subject anyone to eleven hours of raw video from our Baltic cruise.  But if that boring mess becomes ten minutes of humor, music, and narration there's a chance that I'll find an audience of volunteers!

Lots of experts offer advice to professional videographers and editors.  Plenty of vendors are ready to sell cameras, computers, and editing software.  But video hobbyists like myself spend our money and then we are ignored.

That's why I created my blog on  Examples beginning from my earliest efforts.  Ideas, advice, and information.  Click and take a look!

Friday, August 10, 2012

No More Mobile Me


You may have followed some of my postings that were hosted by Apple's MobileMe.  Well, that service has gone away.
Welcome to UncleGeorge on Blogger!