Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I've found my "Special Purpose"

If it happened to Steve Martin, could it happen to me?

I've realized that I actually have an area of expertise which is under-served on the internets.  Amateurs like me need ideas for ways to transform their horrible vacation video into something their friends might enjoy.

For instance, it would be inhumane to subject anyone to eleven hours of raw video from our Baltic cruise.  But if that boring mess becomes ten minutes of humor, music, and narration there's a chance that I'll find an audience of volunteers!

Lots of experts offer advice to professional videographers and editors.  Plenty of vendors are ready to sell cameras, computers, and editing software.  But video hobbyists like myself spend our money and then we are ignored.

That's why I created my blog on heNBC.com  Examples beginning from my earliest efforts.  Ideas, advice, and information.  Click and take a look!

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