Friday, March 22, 2013

Burger Eating Contest

Boomerangs, a local joint, had a burger eating contest last weekend.  I knew that they make great angus burgers.  The real attraction was unlimited beer for the duration fo the contest.
I entered with little expectation that I might be a contender to consume 2-1/2 pounds of angus burger (plus fries, bacon, etc.).  However I knew that I could make up for it by drinking the (included) beer.

The winner finished in 10 minutes, 22 seconds.  Second place was over 16 minutes, third was 26 minutes.  Some might say that I finished last, since I ate only 1/2 pound of burger.  But I drank over seven pints of beer, exceeding my expectations by at least two pints, and came home with four half-pounders as leftovers!

Here's a photo and a link to the Boomerangs site

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