Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How do you remove a whirlpool spa from your deck?

In 1991 we set a 7-person above-ground whirlpool spa on a concrete slab then built our deck around it.  After 22 years of relatively trouble-free service that spa was falling apart.

But how to remove it?  Its access from the side of our house is limited; I thought we might have to hire a crane service.  Instead, I used a reciprocating power saw and cut it into cubes that could fit into our (and our neighbor's) trash cans.

We've ordered a replacement spa, this one is much smaller ... a two-seater.  It can be maneuvered down the side of the house and placed on the same concrete slab.  The deck won't be such a tight fit around the edges, but a few modifications will make it safe and accessible.  Hope the new one is a long-lived as the one it replaces!

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