Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pretzel-thief Yosemite Squirrel is famous [sort-of].

Remember that chubby-cheeked pretzel-thieving squirrel from Yosemite?  The folks at Pretzel Crisps really liked his video. Monday it was featured on the Pretzel Crisps Facebook page.

Yesterday a FedEx truck made an unexpected stop at our house to deliver a big gift bag full of goodies.  Thanks to Heather Connolly and Stephanie Wright for the delightful surprise!

Surprise gift bag from Pretzel Crisps

If you visit San Diego anytime soon, there will be delicious lo-cal pretzel treats waiting on our bar.  Sorry, squirrels, you're not invited!

Squirrels are invited to buy their own Pretzel Crisps

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