Sunday, May 5, 2013

More About Philly Steak Sandwiches:

I happened to read about a shop in San Diego that supposedly makes Phillly-style comfort food the way I remember them.  Eddie's Philadelphia Steaks Hoagies & Burgers

It took about twenty minutes to drive there -- well worth the trip!

Eddies actually imports its Italian rolls from Amoroso's Bakery in Philadelphia.  (In my opinion, this very special bread that is freshly delivered to the best steak shops is the one ingredient we cannot duplicate on the West Coast.)  This is a real commitment to authenticity.  Nice try!  The frozen/thawed rolls are good, but the unique texture and semi-crispness of freshly-baked Amorosos don't quite stand up to the 3,000 mile journey.  Wonder if they could be freshened by a half minute in a warm oven?

I've tried all kinds of rolls for the steak sandwiches I make in my home kitchen, and for many years used the ones made by Solunto in Little Italy.  Lately I've settled for non-authentic but very good French white baguettes from Bread & Cie.  

Nonetheless, the sandwich was quite awesome, second only to the ones I make myself:

I'll be going back to Eddie's.  Gotta' try the Italian hoagie.  

And I agree with the person who left this comment ... glad they don't have karaoke!

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