Friday, September 27, 2013

Cordoba - Friday 9/27

The four of us shared a taxi to the train station where we boarded an AVE high-speed train.  Next stop: Cordoba!

This is our home for one night: a very comfortable hotel, "La Hospederia de Churrasco".  We are in the ancient Jewish quarter, a perfect place to get lost in the town's winding streets. 

Two blocks from the hotel we found a sculpture which marks the birthplace of Maimonides.  He was a twelfth-century rabbinical scholar and philosopher, who fled the city with other Christians and Jews when life under Islamic rule became untenable.

Cordoba's narrow streets are punctuated with colorful bursts of flowerpots and foliage.

When a restaurant has a name like "Taberna Las Califas" you don't expect to see Italian items on the menu.  Surprise!  We shared a pizza for an appetizer, but then our server helped me to select a Spanish specialty for entreĆ© .... Bull's Tail Stew.  Surprisingly not a bad choice, but that doesn't mean that I'll be ordering it again any time soon! 
Our waiter, Sergio, is a pleasant guy with a good sense of humor

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  1. Great pictures and wonderful narration. Sorry to hear that foot is giving you so much pain, hope the booze is taking your mind off of it. Glad you are having a great time. I made sure to read your posts from the 9/19 post. Hope to hear of some sort of Spanish endoresement you may pick up from your trip.