Sunday, September 29, 2013

Granada - Sunday 9/29

René serves a simple breakfast at 9:15 AM.
It cannot be earlier because the bakeries open at 9:00AM!

Tea/coffee, homemade jams, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and breads provide a perfect starter for the day.  We hopped on one of the mini-busses that shuttles you downhill and headed "downtown".  The weather is overcast with some light showers.  We welcome this break from the heat, and look forward to a full day of sightseeing

Granada police posted this sign to warn George
to control his camera.

Traveler's Tips:
There's an Alhambra bookstore in the town center; they sell souvenirs but more importantly it's where you go to exchange your admission reservation for the actual tickets.  Ed says that the website issued special pass codes and warnings about what was needed to accomplish the exchange.  In reality, he only needed to present the credit card that was used to make the on-line purchase.

René recommended the audio guide from this kiosk versus the "official" one that's available at the Alhambra.  It's a two-day rental, and includes other sites such as the cathedral.  That sounded good to both Gloria and Mary, so they each paid the 15€ fee.
This audio guide was not without problems:  It frequently switched back to its default language (Spanish), requiring a reset.  And this device's numerical codes do not match the numbers posted at the attractions.  So when you want an explanation of a particular feature you enter a number from the special "This is Granada" map ... not the number that may be posted on a sign.

This "Turkish" place in the main downtown plaza caught my eye, we stopped here to munch on a very acceptable pizza before he heading to the Alhambra for our two o'clock appointment.  (See details in the next post).

Dinner was at a place in the downtown restaurant strip named "La Chicotā".  The waitress was nice, food was great.  We shared the famous Spanish mixed fish fry.

The Catholics of Spain are intensely devoted to Jesus' mother.  We were pleasantly surprised that today was a special celebration: the 100th anniversary of Granada's patron "La Virgin De Las Angustias."

Devotees paraded and celebrated until midnight!

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