Saturday, September 28, 2013

Granada - Saturday 9/28

A young man from La Hospederia de Churrasco rushed into the Cordoba bus station, happy to find us in the waiting area.  He was carrying a battery charger that we had left behind.  Wow, that's some impressive customer service!

Original plans to rent a car for the "scenic" 2-1/2 hour drive to Granada were scrapped in favor of the inexpensive yet comfortable bus ride.  It was a drizzly day anyway, and there's not much to see from the main roads. 

A comfortable Granada taxi delivered us to "La Tres Terrazas", a nice bed & breakfast whose rooms look across the hillside to the Alhambra.  René, our host, took us for a walk in the Albayzin neighborhood.  Steep, cobbled, narrow streets wind through the hillside, giving it a lot of character.

René is from Switzerland; he had once lived in Granada and vowed to return.  Six years ago he purchased his nice residence on the hillside.  There are only two guest rooms; Ed, Mary, Gloria, and I filled it to capacity.

René recommended the restaurant next door, Aben Humeya.  His neighbor treated us well, and we were awestruck by the nighttime views of of the Alhambra.   The dining patio's awning structure created a frame that made it feel like we were next to a spectacular living mural.  Can't wait until tomorrow afternoon when we visit to the huge Moorish stronghold.

The Alhambra dominates Granada's skyline.  Its floodlit walls are breathtaking.

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