Saturday, September 21, 2013

Madrid, Saturday 9/21

Today we visited the Museo de Reina Sofia, which is located across the street from Museo del Prado.  The guide map encourages a visitor path that takes you through the evolution of contemporary Spanish art.  It's most famous piece is Picasso's Guernica, which was the only art on my "must see" list for this trip.

(Did I mention that Gloria is also hobbled by a form of plantar fasciitis?). Given our painful foot situation, we focused on the museum's third floor.  As expected, photos were not permitted. 

We stopped at a cafe on the street that leads to Reina Sofia.   Casa Luciano has been there for 113 years, so maybe it's no too bad?

Spaniards must really like mayonnaise.  Look at what's inside of Gloria's veggie sandwich:

Too bad that she didn't offer to share! Haha.  As an anti-mayo guy, this pizza crisp thing was a better choice!

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