Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Madrid - Wednesday 9/25

Mary, Ed, & Gloria spent the morning searching for fabric stores.  George relaxed in the apartment with his ice and naproxen regimen.
Gloria leads Mary and Ed on a shopping expedition

Mary & Ed then went to the Reina Sofia museum; George & Gloria took a taxi to the Prado.  George walked across the street, taking command of a comfortable seat that overlooked the big fountain in the traffic roundabout in front of the museum.  There he relaxed, reading magazines and nursing a couple of beers until Gloria's art craving was satisfed.

Running low on post-museum energy, we returned to "Cafe & Tapas" in Puerta del Sol.  Gloria and I had eaten here upon arrival in Madrid five days ago.  It's also where she was introduced to her favorite afternoon Spanish beverage:  Tinto de Verano (a carbonated spritzer made with red wine).
Cafe and Tapas switched on the patio misters, and the rainforest atmosphere actually worked to cool things off.  But a tableful of British tourists couldn't handle the ambience, they left in a hurry!

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