Monday, October 7, 2013

Barajas - Monday evening 10/7

By the time we returned from our little excursion to downtown, Mary and Ed had checked into the hotel.  (They loved their visits to Spanish beaches and mountains, and returned their rental car at the Madrid airport.)

Tonight is our last chance to savor Spanish cuisine before flying home tomorrow.  The obvious choice is to return to La Latina and introduce our friends to Adrian.
Adrian chills the cava

I was feeling celebratory, so ordered cava (sparkling Spanish wine).  As Adrian was pouring two other people from the hotel walked in.  We had met Harvey and his friend at breakfast and told them about La Latina.  He shared a glass of champagne, and thanked us profusely for the restaurant recommendation.  Maybe this place needs to hire us as international publicists!
La Latina's new publicist?
A bowl of traditional stew appeared on the counter; Adrian asked if I wanted to try it.  It smelled smoky good, so sure why not?  This was a Spanish menudo, made with tripe (pigs' stomach) and chorizo sausage.  That's something I would never have ordered from a menu.  In all honesty, it tasted good and I know people who would have loved it.  But I wasn't prepared for the texture and mouth feel of the tripe.


Finally It was time to say good-bye.  We crossed the street to the Best Western and prepared for tomorrow's departure.  If we come back to Madrid, we'll be sure to re-visit La Latina.  If you want to check on Adrian, here's a link to his FaceBook page.

Ed, Mary, Adrian, Gloria, & George

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