Friday, October 4, 2013

Sevilla - Friday, 10/4

Our tourism target today is The Alcazar.  Many cities in Spain have an Alcazar (they are royal palaces); the one in Granada happens to be spectacular.

Worth mentioning (as something to avoid) is the Alcazar's cafeteria.  The overworked employees serve up tasteless sandwiches, but the HENBC Chicken enjoyed watching peacocks on the outdoor patio.


Triana is a community just across the river from Sevilla.  There are many popular restaurants and nightclubs near the waterfront

La Murilla in Triana's old marketplace was recommended on the Internet.  People around us were enjoying their meals; unfortunately we did not select wisely.  But beer is always a good choice!

After this long day of being tourists we needed a midnight snack.  Good excuse to go back to Cafe Carmela for a beer and a tapas!

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