Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sevilla - Thursday 10/3

It's morning we started the day by taking a taxi to the flea market at Calle Feria.  Gloria bought this book for 2€:

Commonly known as "Las Cetas" (Mushrooms), this central square is used for concerts and civic events:

Ciudad Dong Hai restaurant offered a break from typical Spanish luncheon menus.  Plus they crowned me "Chinese Food King for a Day"

These devices can be found at most of Sevilla's major intersections.  They resemble Daleks from Doctor Who; but their function is not science fiction.  Residents deposit their trash in the hatch, then crank the handle so it drops into an underground bin.

The Museo del Belles Artes is a beautiful building with pleasant gardens.  At first it seemed to offer only the typical religious paintings, but Gloria discovered a gallery of secular art after my feet had given up.
This 16th century piece bends history a little bit.  Notice how the Moors are crucifying Jesus?  This is  some twisted-up history!

Ristorant√© San Marco is an Italian-themed restaurant located in a 15th-century Turkish bath house.  A seeming cultural mismatch, but their Spanish/Italian lasagna tasted great!

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