Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sevilla - Tuesday 10/1

The RENFE train from Granada to Seville is what they call "Medium Distance".  There is a single class of service for the three-hour trip.  Several months ago I had purchased our comfortable seats for less for less than thirty Euros each.

Daniel was waiting and helped move our small bags down the narrow Calle Mariscal to the apartment building that he manages.  We've reserved a nice one-bedroom place that will be home for the next five nights.
He pointed out some of the local attractions, but no amount of explaining will prepare us for the maze of narrow twisted streets in this  neighborhood ... the Santa Cruz neighborhood challenged my genetic compass for the next five days!

All that map reading works up an appetite, and we need to stock up on a few groceries.   We shared a non-traditional but delicious pizza at this place on the way to the supermarket.

After a siesta, we wandered randomly in Santa Cruz, eventually finding the cathedral.   Just one stop along the way for tapas, cerveza, and Gloria's new favorite: tinto de verano.

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