Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sevilla - Saturday 10/5

It's our last full day in Sevilla.  Gloria celebrated the morning with traditional "chocolate con churros" which were being freshly prepared a few steps away from our apartment.

Our feet were feeling pretty good, so we strolled through the gardens toward Plaza Nueva, where the street music of three young women added some needed culture to our otherwise pedestrian lives.

Boutique shops had strung sunscreen fabric between their buildings on Camino Sierpes, creating a shaded outdoor pedestrian mall.  Gloria walked through the back door of a sweet shop looking for caramel gelato.  Imagine our surprise when we emerged in front of La Campana, the same place where she bought gelato on Thursday!

This was a perfect opportunity to re-visit the Chinese restaurant.  The food was not as good as we remembered … here I am draining the cooking oil from a piece of chicken:

I guess the Ciudad Dong Hai killed our appetites for dinner.  For a late snack we returned to Cafe Carmela, shared a bottle of nice Rioja, relaxed and enjoyed our last night in Sevilla.

Tomorrow we'll pack and take the high-speed train to Madrid.  This vacation is seriously winding down!

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