Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sevilla - Wednesday 10/2

It seems like we've never gotten an early start unless there's a plane or train to catch.  Today is no exception.  The apartment has a kitchen, so it's easy to prepare a little breakfast -- I even brought oatmeal from home!  YouTube provided instructions for using the crazy-looking stovetop Spanish "Moka Pot" coffee maker.

It's ironic that Gloria and I both have aching feet. At any given moment, one or both of us are hobbling.  I'm really feeling like an old man, constantly leaning on my cane and trying different combinations of shoes, orthotics, and heel cushions.  Normally we would be walking at least ten miles every day; this trip is much different.

Today Gloria decided that we are going to visit the Cathedral.  It is immense and typically ornamented.  But The Catedral de Sevilla holds the unique treasure of Christopher Columbus' tomb.  Queen Isabel may have launched the Spanish Inquisition here, but this is also the city where Chris convinced her to pay for his expedition to the new world!

Fortunately, climbing is easier than walking.  At level thirty-five of the bell tower, and were rewarded with incredible views of flying buttresses and the city.

Daniel told us that the Casa de Pilatos was "free" today.  After the Cathedral, we were both feeling frisky enough to walk there and see the old castle of a wealthy resident.  We were rewarded with the news that free admission only applies to European Union residents.  Since California has not yet joined the E.U., we were obliged to pay full admission.  

But the price was worth it!  One of the rooms is dominated by this portrait of a bearded woman nursing her infant.  Now that's what I call fine art!

Wow.  An exhausting day!  We rewarded ourselves with a siesta, and after a snack at Cafe Carmela set off to see some flamenco at La Carboneria!

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